Friday, November 6, 2009

Rethinking My Approach

Warning: This might be a little TMI

I've recently experimented with making my own menstrual pads, and I think I've found a design that I genuinely like and will stick with. It's very simple, and I think I can just layer terrycloth between two layers of flannel, draw the shape onto the top layer of flannel, pin it all down, then use my sewing machine's "overlock" stitch to stitch around the outline on the flannel.

This will allow me to use the overlock stitch more effectively. If I cut the pieces out first, the overlock stitch bunches up the edge and looks bad. I'm looking forward to trying out this new plan when I get more free time.

Meanwhile, while looking for design ideas and options, I stumbled across a thread where people were discussing the use of cloth handkerchiefs. I have always preferred cloth hankies, but I've never been willing to shell out the money to buy them. So I'll make them.

I don't know why this never occurred to me before, but my house is crawling with large scraps of fabric. I have a nice cotton bedsheet that ripped a while back and has been waiting to be repurposed. I have half a pillowcase likewise waiting for a new purpose. I can't count the number of quilt fabric scraps that are too large to trash but don't really "go" with any of my projects.

I plan to whip out some nice, pretty hankies for my girls for Christmas using the quilt fabric, and I'll use the pillowcase and sheet to make them for me and Mark. The pillowcase was a new one, so I'll decorate those carefully and give them to Mark for Christmas. The sheet hankies will just be for regular use and to get the family used to the idea.

I hope my family doesn't get angry with me for making so much of their Christmas. I have a few really exciting handmade gifts for my girls.

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