Sunday, August 19, 2012


With Ruby's birth, I leveled up to a whole new playing field of chaos. I thought I knew exhaustion; I was a fool.

Right away, I figured out I'd have to get these kids on a routine, so I started with Holden. Almost overnight he accepted his routine and has been a much more pleasant little man ever since. Ruby's getting there. Most nights, she'll sleep from 10-ish until 6:30-ish. I am very pleased. And sane from all that sleep I'm getting.

Meanwhile, there are a few things I'm doing pretty regularly. Smoothies. Showers. Washing diapers. Drinking chocolate milk. Overall, I'm thinking I need to solidify some routines for myself. I want to get in shape so I can play soccer next season. I want to eat better so I have enough energy to chase these two. I want to make delicious lunches and snacks for my beautiful children, and I want my family to eat dinner together. I want to keep my house clean so I'm not mortified when I think of strangers meeting my pet fruit flies.

Starting next week, I'll be trying it out:

  • I'll get out of bed by 6 AM. Burgundy has to leave for school by 6:30 in just one more week, so this is necessary in the long run anyway.
  • I'll make breakfast and lunch all at once (assuming Ruby does not rise with me), including smoothies for myself, Mark and Burgundy; lunch for Mark; lunch and post-school/pre-band foods for Burgundy, and finger foods for Holden and I for lunch. Lunches might not be the most healthful; if I have to whip up a batch of Krap Macaroni and Cheese, so be it. I will pat myself on the back for Getting Stuff Done.
  • I'll clean the kitchen.
  • Once Holden is playing and Ruby's been fed, I'll run through my standby daily chores:
    • Make the beds
    • Spend two minutes on a crap-magnet
    • Run a load of laundry
    • Wipe down the nastiest bathroom surface
    • Start a load of diapers (work on it throughout the day)
    • Work on my dailies as time allows:
      • Monday: 30-minute blitz-clean
      • Tuesday: Dusting
      • Wednesday: 15-minute trash-toss and 15-minute declutter
      • Thursday: Lead homeschool English class
      • Friday: Pick up outside (20-30 minutes MAX)
      • Saturday: Clear out the car
Now look. There's no way I'll do all of these things every day. I have a toddler, an infant, and a teen. But I want to have a sense of where I should be and of some kind of plan to keep our home sane.

Meanwhile, my got-done list for this weekend:

  1. Cleaned the kitchen (with a little [a lotta] help from Mark)
  2. Took Burgundy birthday present shopping and to a party about 15 miles from here
  3. Bought myself a dress and a few shirts that do not make me look like a rabid "I Love Lucy" horror/fantasy clown (more on that another day, maybe tomorrow)
  4. Cleaned out the freezer (this was over 2 years later than needed)
  5. Washed, pitted and froze over a gallon of cherries for smoothies
  6. Washed and froze about a gallon of grapes
  7. Went grocery shopping
  8. Started a batch of yogurt for smoothies
  9. Cleaned up and reassembled the double stroller we got for !FREE!
  10. Responded to a fellow who might be looking for a room to rent

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  1. It's great that Ruby is sleeping so well! My babies never sleep like that so soon!

    Your productivity lists always amaze me. I'm so lazy. lol