Monday, November 16, 2009

Why Am I Here? Navel-Gazing.

I started "blogging" in 2002 when a friend of mine introduced me to LiveJournal. LJ was a great place to start blogging because I could slowly branch out and create a community without opening myself up to the Whole Wide World. I have written on LJ with fair consistency ever since. I have made amazing, wonderful friends. Even though I knew him personally before, I became more intimately acquainted with and more personally interested in my husband through LJ. It's a little bit of a home on the Internet for me. In the last couple of years, Ravelry has begun to serve the same purpose.

However, I've also been more and more interested in broadening my audience and in sharing our life and all its ups and downs in a more public way. I believe that we learn and grow as much from watching others as from our own experiences, and I want to be hope for someone who needs it. Whether it's a fellow middle-classer who's drowning in debt or has lost their sense of meaning, a single mom who can't believe she'll ever get ahead, or a teenager who looks at the world around and wonders, "why bother?" Perhaps I'm being arrogant in thinking that I can help, but somehow I doubt it. I've been helped too many times myself. I have something to give, and I'll start here.

When I moved to blogspot, I assured myself I would write and publish every day. I created an outline of posts falling under various subject headings and even assigned planned writing dates to some of them. The idea was to have a cache of posts to pull from on days when I don't have time to compose. You all see how well that worked over the weekend.

I have a big piece of news this morning, but I can't post for about it for a few hours yet.

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