Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Midwife Visit, 18 Weeks!

I went to the midwife yesterday for my second visit. I've gained 5-3/4 pounds rather than the 8 I thought I'd gained. Turns out I'm a bit math-challenged, having somehow calculated the difference between 200 and 196 as 6. Now the whole internet can figure out how much I weigh. Oh NOES!

The baby's heart raced loud and strong. Whumpwhumpwhumpwhump. My measurements show a 16.5 cm increase over my last visit. Jackie said, "Whoa, big growth! I'm surprised you haven't gained more weight."

It would help a lot if I could eat. Without heartburn, nausea, or insurmountable fatigue.

We're at ~18 weeks now, and Jackie ordered an ultrasound. Of course I want to run out and do it tomorrow; I can't wait to see him. However, I really want both Burgundy and Mark to be there, and Burgundy will be at Girl Scout camp next week. So we'll probably do it either Friday of this week or sometime week after next.

I brought a number of questions this time. We talked about her backup doctor. She seems really to like him and said that if he's working when I need him (IF I need him), he will take the time to assess my condition and labor carefully, to treat me with respect. Basically, the other hospitals in the area all will automatically perform a C-section if I come in during labor having attempted a home birth. We think that the best thing, assuming the need to transport without the presence of an emergency, will be first to go to her backup hospital IF her backup doctor is available. Barring that, we'll go to LBJ Hospital, which she recommended as also being staffed by respectful doctors and nursing who will take the time to address me personally, figure out my history, and then decide how best to treat me.

The most ironic thing for me is that her backup hospital is Bayshore Medical Center where I gave birth to my daughter. The experience was so bad that I swore I'd rather eat my own toe cheese than set foot in the place again.

Of course, if we have an emergency, all bets are off. We'll go to the nearest hospital, the same one in which Mark was born over 36 years ago!
The conversation left me with a bit of a to-learn list.
  • I've read a number of ads on cord blood collection, donation and storage, and after talking with Jackie about it, I think I need to do real reading. Big con: in order to collect the cord blood, we can't allow the cord to finish pulsing. I sort of had a "duh" moment when she explained it to me. I don't like the idea of the baby not getting all his (or her) blood.
  • In addition, while I didn't talk to her about immunizations, we need to learn more (a great deal more) and decide which ones we'll give the baby and which ones we won't.
  • Need to learn a little more about waterbirth and decide whether we'll go that route.
I better end this missive on that note because I am tired, cranky, and ready to take the afternoon for a nap.


  1. I hear you on your last note :)

    I'm glad you had a good appointment! I'm also jealous that you get an ultrasound. My midwives don't do them :(

    Are you finding out the sex?

    About your questions - I researched cord blood banking and decided against it. I agree with what you said about pulsing!

    Immunizations - we did all of them but rotavirus, chicken pox, hep B, and flu shots with the boys. And with all of the others, I had them split them up - no more than one shot per visit and we go back every two weeks for a shot until they are caught up. It's been a great compromise. The boys get the shots they need, and they never even get a fever afterwards. I personally think more than one shot per visit is too much on a little body. You can also request that they split up the combo shots, which we ended up doing with David.

    We're going with a waterbirth this time. I really wanted it with my others and the hospital didn't have tubs. I think this is the part of a homebirth that I am most excited about!! Even if you don't deliver in the water, laboring in the tub just sounds heavenly.

    Glad things are going well with your pregnancy. I hope you get relief and can enjoy some food soon!

  2. I make the same decision about the cord blood--if it is valuable later, isn't that because it is valuable at birth? Would rather let the baby get it then!

    So awesome it sounds like all is going well. : ) So happy for you!

  3. Hi, I'm a friend of Sallie's.. She passed me your blog awhile back but I lost the link lol. Congrats on your little one!

    We decided against banking, but Zavier still didn't get all his blood :-( I'm happy it was delayed a little longer than my first though. Vax.. We only did the vit K after birth.. which caused some confusion (along with the rest of this) when he went in for vax's at the pedi's office lol. We have him on an alternate schedule, which is pretty easy unless we get a receptionist who doesn't know what that means like we did last month.

    Waterbirth on the other hand... Those are awesome. I'm so glad I had one. Have fun researching it :-D