Wednesday, June 1, 2011

School's [Almost] Out for the Summer

Burgundy, smart little monkey that she is, earned exemption from all of her core classes' final exams. She had to take Band, Introduction to Education and Training, and German II. Band did not actually have a final exam, and the final grade for IET was a project they put together in class throughout the semester. I am sitting in a comfy chair at Starbucks, amusing Holden and typing while Burgundy works with her tutor to prepare for the German test, and after tomorrow, she is free.

Holden stares hopelessly out the window, contemplating
potential uses for his amazing toejam.
Holden's hair is starting to thicken, and I've noticed glints of golden at certain angle. At present, he's cramming a stuffed elephant into his mouth and drooling copiously. I'm rather impressed with his powers of drool. However, his truly astonishing superpower is toejam production. I never thought a baby could have icky feet, but holy God, Holden's sweaty feet rival my own. Sometimes they merely clam up. Others, he produces a veritable sweat slick more slimy than an athlete's. He produces toejam from thin air, and when be-socked, he produces vegetation. I swear, he makes lint-infused toejam vines. I don't really nom his sweet feet anymore.

Burgundy's hair reaches halfway down her back. Her lithe figure is that of a self-assured young woman. She smiles, and the young men fall before her like wheat before a scythe. Her summer promises a time of reflection and fun. She and I are going to take cooking classes and attend a woman's Bible study together. She'll take her first college-level class at the local community college; it's a speech class. We also need to enroll her to audit a calculus class in preparation for the AP Calculus class next year.

I think I've decided to go ahead with enrolling her at the other high school for the 2011-12 school year. That school has had a number of problems this year, so I am not certain of the wisdom of this decision, but I think it will at least place Burgundy back in the peer group for which she has pined so relentlessly the past two years.

And now, I have lunch to eat before my beautiful son decides he must be held.

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