Friday, August 10, 2012

Got Done List

Well, blogging did not make my got-done list yesterday. I promise, blogspot, I thought about you all day. I thought of all the things we would say together, the photos I would post and how proud you'd be that I MADE MY BED. Oh well. It's the thought that counts, right?

Yesteray's got-done list is at the bottom. I want - nay, need - to post the list, but I won't expect the world to read it or even give a rip. I will say that part of yesterday's productivity was due to the presence of my saintly mother-in-law, who comes over at least once a week to help with the kids while I run errands, clean house or whatever else needs to be done.

The hardest part of this got-done-list thing so far is not starting a to-do list while compiling the got-done list. It defeats the purpose, though, to use it as a springboard for examining everything yet to be done. Self-control, I will exercise you! The most important things will float to the top; I have no doubt of this.

Under the list for yesterday, I'm posting today's list because I can; I'll update it throughout the day. And I'll post another blog today about my attitude toward housecleaning. And I'm out.

Yesterday's Got-Done List:
  1. Put fresh sheets on bed
  2. Picked up Margie
  3. Went to 6-week post-partum midwife visit
  4. Had lunch with an old friend (our friendship is old; my friend is not)
  5. Washed, dried, folded and put away a load of diapers
  6. Washed, dried, folded and put away a load of baby clothes
  7. Washed, dried, and hung to dry the cover and straps for Holden's car seat after he smeared them with spinach-pear goop and tried to rinse them with milk
  8. Cleaned Holden's room
    1. Put away the useless baby bed parts
    2. Made the bed
    3. Rearranged the furniture a little
    4. Put away clean clothes
    5. Moved the rocking chair and ottoman
  9. Started cleaning my room
    1. Picked up and sorted dirty laundry
    2. Rearranged furniture a little
    3. Picked up trash and emptied the can
  10. Cleaned the living room
    1. Picked up Holden's toys
    2. Picked up and put in the garage a bunch of cords and crap that Mark moved from one room to another
    3. Vacuumed the rug and the rest of the floor
    4. Spent some time clearing off the "crap-magnet": a knockoff Queen Anne-style side table
  11. Swept the kitchen floor
  12. "Mopped" the kitchen floor and parts of the living room floor
  13. Washed dishes
Today's Got-Done List:
  1. Made my bed
  2. Put together Holden's car seat
  3. Folded and put away a load of clean diapers
  4. Dried and folded a load of towels
  5. Made scrambled eggs for breakfast and forced Holden to eat them because I am a cruel, sadistic mother
  6. Made myself a mocha (saved $4.38 from Starbucks)
  7. Made peanut butter toast for Holden and I for lunch and chased it with leftover sauteed greens
  8. Made Holden's bed and straightened up his room
  9. Started a load of white clothes in the washer
  10. Laid Holden down for a nap (which he certainly is not doing right now)

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