Wednesday, February 3, 2010

These Kids Done Got Me Runnin'

The most important rule of grammar is that you may break the rules only if you understand the rules. That's the only excuse I can offer for today's title.

Burgundy and Julia both perform. Today, Burgundy is playing in the in-school performance of the Senior Musical. They chose Gershwin's Crazy About You, and the kids have done a phenomenal job. They had to learn to tap-dance, sing and act at once, and the orchestra (where Burgundy is) had to learn to play with singers, something that Burgundy (at least) has never done before. They have three remaining performances: Friday and Saturday at 7PM, and Sunday at 2PM.

Since returning from Christmas break, the orchestra has had rehearsal every Monday through Thursday until 6:30 PM for Crazy for You.

Meanwhile, Julia plays onstage. Last semester she played a maid in the theatre group's production of Dracula. This semester, she's playing one of 50 brides who murder their grooms in the play Big Love. That play starts this Thursday and runs through Saturday, with two productions on Saturday.

Again, since returning from Christmas break, Julia has had play rehearsal every day until 6PM. Starting this week, it lasts until 9PM. Last Saturday, she had practice from 9AM - 6PM, then she had to shop for her wedding dress, as the school does not provide the costumes.

Meanwhile, both girls and Mark have been cast in our church's production of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. All three of them are in the chorus, and Burgundy also won a role as one of Pharaoh's adoring girls.

The three of them have rehearsal every Sunday, and additional, role-specific rehearsals are held two to four days a week to supplement the all-cast rehearsal. Unfortunately, chorus members are required at almost all rehearsals.

This Saturday, Burgundy has a solo and ensemble contest, where she's performing Edvard Grieg's My Johann as a solo and Pachelbel's Canon with a brass quintet.

For this, Burgundy has met twice during school to rehearse with her piano accompanist for her solo. Three times a week (including Saturday get-togethers) for the ensemble rehearsal.

In addition, both girls sing in the church's youth choir, and Mark sings with the sanctuary choir. That's Wednesday night for Mark and Sunday's after Joseph rehearsal for the girls.

Between the three of them and all their commitments, I'm exhausted. There's always someone to pick up or drop off, and noone else has the time (because of homework, etc) to help with the housework, so that falls 90% to me and the rest to Mark. Happily, I am part-time now, so I don't mind committing myself to keeping our home clean. It's good.

Now I have to figure out what to do about our opera tickets. We're supposed to go on Wednesday the 10th to see Houston Grand Opera perform Benjamin Britten's The Turn of the Screw. That night, Julia has play rehearsal, and Mark has choir. All three of them have Joseph rehearsal. All the other performances have conflicts, too. I'm thinking about finding a time that Mark and I can go and inviting my parents to join us. I doubt Mom has ever seen an opera.

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  1. Oh my goodness! Busy, busy, busy!

    How exciting though. Tell the girls to "break a leg" ;)