Wednesday, March 31, 2010

A Love Note

Dear God,

I know that strawberries aren't a new invention or anything, but I have to say that after eating fresh berries for a week and then making ice cream with them, I've decided you're a genius. You know, I think the way to this woman's heart might just be through my stomach. So what else am I missing, huh? Are you holding out on me? Are fresh peaches this palatable? Because I always thought they were kinda gross. Like strawberries.


Ms. Lilly


  1. Oh Lilly have read my mind. It was mandarine oranges from my mother's tree that kept me going through Christmas with no sweets (don't ask) and it is the appearance of strawberries that are keeping me (nearly) sane through a snowy spring break! These are still from the grocer, but I can see mine greening up in the garden...soon...soon.

    On a side note: Fresh peaches are even better, and don't even get me started on raspberries!

  2. lol you guys are TOO funny. I picked more strawberries today at the farm. Another five pounds. Now I just need to make more granola.