Wednesday, March 10, 2010

On the Second Day of Clutter . . .

Today we began boxing stuff up. The most difficult part is staying on task. Our job right now is not to sort, judge value, or purge her collections. We simply are putting like items into a box and labeling it. Easier said than done.

We started with scrapbooking supplies, which filled two boxes and her rolling case from Michael's. These include paper, stickers, markers, photos, notes from middle school, movie stubs, you name it. She did a very good job of handing things over and simply filing them in the appropriate box. With one stack she said, "Mom, this is very expensive stuff. Set it aside until I find a protective sleeve." Pardon me while I chuckle with a mix of pride and pretention. Would that be a chortle?

The bookshelves proved much easier even though we're not done with them yet. She identified four books she wants in the guest room, so we brought those in. The remaining have filled two boxes already with a fair remainder littering her bed.

In the final three minutes of last night's 30 minutes, we cleared most of her dresser simply by heaping her jewelry and assorted small boxes into one shoebox. We felt we'd run a marathon, but looking around the room, it appears we barely made a dent. That's okay, though. Slow and steady does the trick.

I think one of the most difficult aspects of this project is figuring out how to fit it into the rest of our busy schedule. For example, look at what yesterday was supposed to be:

All the stuff in red is Burgundy's commitments. In blue are mine and Mark's. Burgundy can't drive yet. Ugh.

Fortunately, her sectionals (uppermost red section) were cancelled, allowing her much more time to do homework and catch up on studying. Everything else stayed the same, but it felt a little less crazed.

Finally, I want her to start now with establishing routines. I see three major "conversion times" in her day where routines should be implemented: morning, afternoon upon returning from school, and evening before bed.

Morning:  This routine is pretty well in place, but not intentionally, and the bed usually doesn't get made.
  • Make bed
  • Get dressed to the shoes/hair/makeup
  • Eat breakfast/make lunch
Afternoon:  Right now she leaves a trail of dropped belongings throughout the house and does whatever homework she remembers once she's had a snack (trailing crumbs through the house).
  • Put away books and purse in bedroom on shelf
  • 15 minutes free time
  • Calendar review/organize task list
  • Homework 
  • 15 minutes straightening room, putting away clothes, preparing school stuff for tomorrow
  • Personal hygiene
  • Lay out clothes for tomorrow
  • If there's time, spend a few minutes journaling or reading; this is time to wind down and relax
Today we'll go back into the room and continue our excavation. Here are photos of the room after last night's efforts. I'm going to try to post daily room photos so we can watch it progress in retrospect.
View of the doorway from the bed.

Proceeding to the right.

And the closet

The book-laden bed

The window

The scrapbooking corner

And the desk with a better view of the scrapbooking corner

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