Monday, May 16, 2011

Monday is Half-Hour Housework Day!

But I haven't started yet. I feel like I always will be behind, and even though I know the best way to defeat that feeling is to just do something - anything - I have trouble making myself follow through. I've had a productive day, though. Before leaving the house this morning, I folded and put away a load of diapers and a load of towels. I put another load of diapers in the machine to pre-rinse, and early this morning, I had already done a load of dishes and made breakfast.

Around mid-morning, I went to have bloodwork drawn to see if I'm anemic. It would explain a lot of the symptoms I've had lately. I can't seem to recover from a low-grade cough and sore throat (could be allergies). I'm exhausted all the time. My period was over a week late (so glad I wasn't pregnant). And so on. If I were a better housewife, I would have bought a liver at the farmer's market on Saturday and prepared it for myself and my husband. In some fancy french way. Alas, I'm not, so I didn't.

I don't know why I'm so put off by the idea of preparing and eating organ meats. Let's think about it from an emotionless standpoint. Why am I willing to eat a cow's buttcheek or shoulder, a pig's cured belly, or a chicken's chest muscles, but I'm not willing to eat a piece of liver? Or heart? These are supposed to be some of the healthiest meats I could eat, especially while breastfeeding. Why so hesitant? Cow's ass vs. cow's liver: Why is the liver the unappetizing option?

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And before you say it tastes funny, I have the power of Julia Child in my kitchen. I have faith that her many menus for preparing liver will provide me with a delicious option. In fact, I know for certain I am inhibited by squeamishness, not flavor: Last month, my lovely sister-in-law insisted that I try barbacoa (basically a cooked cow's head). I did so under duress, making clear that I did not want to. And once I did, I had to admit that I could not tell the difference between it and other shredded, marinated cow meats in a tortilla. It tasted great. And one still can not pay me to buy barbacoa on my own, much less to consider cooking it. Sorry. Still too squeamish. So yeah, I should buy and cook a liver. It's still a long way from cow head, but not too far away from cow butt.

So yeah, I had my blood drawn, then I ate breakfast and returned a book. I came home again and put the diapers on a wash cycle after laying Holden down to sleep. I still need to make my bed, wipe down the toilets, spend 2 minutes on a crap magnet, and do my weekly bit of half-assed housework. It's half-assed because the point is not to be thorough. The point to the floors vacuumed, bathrooms scrubbed, and kitchen floor cleaned in one half-hour sweep. Efficiency of completeness.

After that, I want to spend 10 minutes throwing away trash in the living room and 10 minutes putting away clutter in the same room. And then I'm going to use that room as a staging area for the garage sale I plan to have this weekend. Finally, my goal is to put up one craigslist ad per day for stuff in our home that we're not using. Each add takes me about 20 minutes including taking and uploading photos, so one a day is kinda ambitious. So yeah, today's checklist:

  • Get bloodwork done
  • Return book to Borders
  • Fold diapers (yesterday's load)
  • Fold towels (yesterday's load)
  • Wash diapers 
  • Dry diapers 
  • Wash blue jeans
  • Fold and put away diapers
  • Dry blue jeans
  • Fold and put away blue jeans
  • Call dentist about refund
  • Put notes about dentist call in Evernote
  • Call Samsung about phone repair
  • Put notes about Samsung call in Evernote
  • Check for Burgundy's Science National Honor Society paperwork
  • Deliver Science NHS paperwork to school if necessary  Not necessary, as it turns out. Due next Friday.
  • Morning Routine: Make bed, potty pass, 2 minutes crap-magnet, sort mail, 1 load laundry, 1 load dishes
  • Housework Half hour
  • 10 minutes pick-up
  • 10 minutes trash toss
I'm so pleased with how well my work paid off
in the living room today!
I'll update as I get stuff done, I guess. Tomorrow, my MIL will come over to watch the baby, so I need to plan this evening what I want to accomplish with her here. I slept last week. Don't want to "waste" that time again by resting. Jeez, what am I, a new mom?

Update at 1:45 PM: I finished the half-hour of housework with 2 minutes to spare just as the baby started to cry. I cussed all the way through it, but it's done, and that's a first since Holden's birth. Now I just have to repeat that every week.

Update at 6:51 PM: Holy cow! I've done everything on my list except folding jeans and calling Samsung, and I even made dinner! I'm sore all over, though. My back is killing me! I hate PMS.


  1. Seems like a productive day to me! I always figure if I get half of my goals accomplished in a day, it's productive. It's too hard to get it all done with unpredictable children. You never know what kind of curve ball they're going to throw at you.

    And you need to start eating liver if you're anemic! Organ meat saved me during my pregnancy when my iron got really low. I know how you feel about the difference between the meat and the organs, because just a year ago the idea of liver was the grossest thing to me. But I've grown to love it. The texture is really hard to get over in my opinion.

    I'm on a decluttering kick too! Thanks for motivating me to get something accomplished today :)

  2. Thanks for the encouragement and warning with the liver. I SO don't want to eat that stuff. I really don't. The fact that I'm thinking there must be a way to make it appetizing tells me I must really need it.

    I need to remember to go easy on myself with the goals I set. It's unreasonable to think I'm going to have time to do everything I want to do every day. If I beat myself up, I won't have any energy left to keep going!

  3. hugs... I have a sinking suspicion that anemia has returned here too. Chlorophyll tablets are about the only thing that will raise my iron oddly enough so I went straight back to taking those. If you can stomach making it, liver is really good chicken fried. And supposedly goat can raise your iron well too... but it hasn't worked for me. We eat a lot of it and I still have issues w/ it. And you've made me hungry for barbacoa again thankyou ;-) Has been awhile since I've had any.

    Housekeeping... uggh. I've been meaning to tell you that you're right about the bed thing. Except I've found a couple other areas that do it too (is like there is one in each room). I'm so behind its not even funny though and need to get back at it myself.

  4. Oh! I'll have to try chlorophyll tablets. I think I took them around the time Burgundy was born.

    Thanks for the tip about goat meat; also, I like your point about there being one important focal point in each room. I think I will try to identify them and incorporate them into my routines. I know for the library, it's totally my desk. For the nursery, it's the toybox (which is odd given he doesn't even use it yet), and for the living room, I think it's the game cabinet.

  5. :-) That was when I started taking them too (but ZJ not Burgundy obviously lol). We tried everything else and when that didn't work my midwife recommended them and things turned around really fast.

    Some of our focal points are odd. In the dining room its that stinking chandelier! I haven't figured out the living room yet, but too many "crap magnets" in there... (that so fits better with those than hotspots!)

  6. I wish I was reading this post on a day when I felt good--it would have really motivated me to get some of my own list done! As it is, really bad cold today, headache, really want to lay down. . . so I think i will. : )

    don't you love a neat living room? i do!