Monday, May 16, 2011

May 17: To-Do

Okay, so I don't want this to get in the way of posting regular stuff, you know, about my family and all, so I'll go ahead and post tomorrow's to-do list separately.
This is where I'll concentrate my time in the living room;
it should actually complete the work! Yay!

Leftover Tasks from Yesterday

  • Fold and put away blue jeans
  • Call Samsung about phone repair
  • Put notes about Samsung call in Evernote
  • Dry towels (YES! I did an extra load!)
  • Fold and put away towels

Today's Tasks:
  • Morning Routine: Make bed; potty pass; make breakfast; put away dishes; clean up from breakfast; load of laundry; 2 minutes on the crap-magnet; process the mail
  • Laundry: white clothes - wash - dry - fold - put away (supposed to have been Burgundy's colored laundry, but she didn't sort it.)
  • Laundry: diapers - wash - dry - fold - put away
  • Strike zone: Clean the front door
  • 10 minutes in the living room (oh my God, it will be done!)
  • Call Dr. Moran re: Clear Brook transfer
  • Pick up Grandma Margie to help with Holden
  • Errands: Lowe's or Home Depot - Curtain rod for craft room; hardware to fix the crib Did not get the curtain rod. I'm not going to get the curtains hung today anyway, and it's an extra cost. I'm waiting.
  • Hem Burgundy's dress for band performance
  • Repair the crib
  • Hang curtains in the craft room
  • Clean out game cabinet
  • List bread machine on craigslist
  • 5 minutes on desk (sorting)
  • 5 minutes on desk (actually doing tasks)
  • 10 minutes on finances
  • Put away tools in garage
  • Process one box in garage for garage sale

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  1. Good luck! I do something like this on my FB, have a private group for it... I tried doing it on my main blog during Lent but that didn't last.