Friday, December 18, 2009

Friday's Food

Really quick - I don't want to spend a lot of my attention or yours on these posts:

Breakfast: Slice of homemade bread (no butter; I was in a big hurry), teaspoon of homemade chocolate ganache (I licked the spoon [a couple of times], so this is an estimate), cup of coffee (I always have this with brown sugar. I haven't been saying so previously, so it should be understood).

Lunch: The new team is planning to go to Cullen's Restaurant for the division Christmas luncheon. I'm really excited about this, because earlier this year, in the April - May timeframe, I tried really hard to arrange for some of the pre-meetings for the Orion PDR to be held there. It sounds really wasteful, but Cullen's had the space, and noone else really had it. Even more surprising, of those groups that did have the space, Cullen's was far and away the cheapest option. By like $40K. Regardless, we didn't have the event there, and their food looks SOOOO good. I'm really looking forward to it. For the record, since people really worry about stuff like this, the meetings eventually were held at the contractor's facility in Denver, CO.

Snack: I didn't bring one to work today. I plan to bail after the Christmas luncheon, and I still have my lunch here from a couple of days ago (when we went out to Perry's), so I'll probably just munch on that. For the record, it's a vegetarian bean filling for tortillas (somewhere north of "taco" and south of "enchilada").

Dinner: It's Burgundy's birthday. I forgot to ask her what she wanted me to cook. I'm planning to make this Buttermilk Chocolate Cake for her and our family.

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