Friday, December 4, 2009

Hell Frozen Over

Yes, you read it right: hell has frozen over; we have snow sticking on the ground in Houston.

I am incredibly grateful that this is happening while I'm out of work. For one thing, Mark hadn't covered the gardens. So I spent about an hour this morning in the snow laying all our tablecloths and extra blankets over the tomato and bell pepper garden and the herb garden. Then I began dragging all Mark's citrus trees into the garage.

He has about 10 more fruit trees than I thought. It's hard to be incredibly put out with him; after all, my hobby is knitting, and I probably have about 50 more skeins of yarn than he thinks I have. Having acknowledged that, I will gripe. TREES, y'all. The man is collecting TREES. We live in a freaking suburb. Our lot is like 1/16 of an acre or something. I want to have the trees we already have taken out, and he's collecting more? WARGARBL!

Regardless, I hefted them inside like a good little wife. His Kumquat, Meyer lemon, and Mexican Key Lime trees all are fruiting, and obviously, they're still in their pots. That's bad news for the trees' long-term productivity the way I understand it. So he's collecting useless trees.

While covering the tomato and bell pepper garden, I noticed a couple of peppers ready for picking. Only in Houston can you harvest vegetables while covering the plant for snow. I got four "grocery store" sized peppers and three baby ones. I probably left five more on the plants in hopes that they'll survive this freak snow and mature. I know they won't if I pick them, and they're really too small to eat right now.

I have butternut squash in the refrigerator, and I'm looking forward to making soup for dinner this evening. Right now though, I'm going to run a couple of errands. I know it makes me crazy, but I LOVE driving in the snow.


  1. It was fun to have snow but my garden perished, last pepper plucked. I didn't have to worry about the plants again when we had that 'deep freeze' since they were already dead. I can't wait to re-start things though! So anyway...howdy neighbor! I'm up in NW Houston and I rambled over here from the happy (atheist) homemaker and Under $1000 Per Month.

  2. Yeah, we're going to have to completely re-plant ours as well. We're in SE Houston, so it feels particularly useless as the snow never really stuck that much here. Just enough to kill off the plants, bummer! I'm excited to replant the tomatoes; I love homemade tomato sauce, so I'm really looking forward to planting time.