Thursday, December 17, 2009

Thursday's Food

Breakfast: slice of buttered toast using bread from the batch I baked last night. Mmmm! Oh, and I use real butter. It's SOOOOOO good.

Morning snack: three slices of tomato-basil bread from the mini-loaf still here at work.

Lunch: Wendy's crispy chicken sandwich, mayo only (and there's almost no mayo on here; ::pout::) with medium fries and Dr. Pepper.

Snack: Munched on batter and chocolate as I made cupcakes for Burgundy's 14th birthday.

Dinner: Um . . . potato chips with ranch dip. Two beers (St. Arnold's Christmas Ale again). Small glass of wine. A couple of cookies. Some caramel popcorn.

I'm embarrassed. It's starting to look like I really AM one of those stereotypical fatties who lives on potato chips and soda. I even ate dinner in front of the TV. Granted it was a friend's TV, but still.

The great irony is that I ate all that horrible food (which was, I grant you, quite tasty) while watching Julie and Julia. This kinda cracks me up. Woo crack!

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