Thursday, January 28, 2010

Are the Zombies After Us?

Every day this week, I've told myself that I would make the time to update my blog. Every day at the end of the day, I've realized I'm tired and cranky and just not in the mood. Which is kinda dumb, when you think about it. There's very little as soothing or reassuring to me as blogging. Even though I've only been here for a few months, I've actually maintained a blog on Livejournal since 2002. Practically an eternity in internet years.

Of course, it's been sporadic there, too . . .

Anyway, a couple of updates. First, a word from Ms. G., Burgundy's  AP Human Geography Teacher, and beloved recipient of the RPatz Poster:

Burgundy's AP Human Geography teacher did in fact receive the surprise of a lifetime when Robert ended up on her wall of fame (formerly known as pictures of old men who talk about geography). As the day progressed, girls screams could be heard loud and clear as they noticed the new face on the wall.  To be sure, there were some who looked upon the poster with disdain but by and large the swooning won.
So, the dilemna became, what to do with the poster? One student suggested auctioning the poster for the Hope for Haiti Relief Drive the class was spearheading.  Truly a brilliant suggestion, therefore the poster is being auctioned next week with 100% of the proceeds going to Doctors Without Borders to aid in the relief efforts in Haiti. The starting bid was 10.00!  There is no telling how high Robert will go.
Meanwhile, Burgundy has been talking for a month or so about how she wanted to start running to try to maintain the fitness she gained during band marching season. It's a terribly grueling experience: For three weeks in Houston's August heat, they march outside getting ready for the start of the school year. Then they march every day after school three hours a day through November. Last year, Burgundy lost 6 pants sizes over the course of three months and started showing signs of real malnourishment (she's a vegetarian and really didn't have six sizes to lose to start with). We had to get creative to figure out how to maximize her caloric intake to counter all the activity.

So last November, I tore a ligament and popped a minor tendon in my leg and had to stop running for a while, and Bugundy's idea provided just the prompting I needed to start over.

Last Thursday, we decked ourselves out and ran Week 1, Day 1 of one of the ubiquitous couch to 5K programs out there. Today, we ran Week 2, Day 1, and while it challenged both of us,  I feel safe saying that we're both enjoying it.

I do feel awfully pretentious talking about running though, because we are not the runners you see in the movies, dead sexy in spandex, gliding effortlessly along some glorious, tree-lined path with ponytails swishing in tandem. No, we were wheezy, huffy, bow-legged and pasty. People leapt off the path when they saw us coming. Our dog trotted along behind us, occasionally making horking noises that effectively distanced us from anyone who might have been brave enough to get near us.

Oh, and we sweat and smell bad after running. Just sayin'. Nothing sexy or glamorous about it.


  1. Good for you guys! That must be wonderful mother-daughter bonding time!!

  2. Oh my God. The "horking noises" almost killed me with the LOLing.

  3. Ha ha! Welcome to my world! I love the looks of incredulity when I tell people I'm a runner. I get the up and down glances with the "are you sure" facial expressions. It's all in the name of fun and testing your body! Go for it!