Saturday, January 9, 2010

Good Weekend

Oh Saturday, I do love you. I slept until 8:30 this morning. Three decadent hours past my weekday wake time. And noone had to be anywhere until 10:00, so I spent a decadent hour making waffles the old fashioned way.

I do love waffles, especially with real butter and fresh, hot, real maple syrup.  Everyone else loved them too, and I put the leftovers in the freezer for the girls to toast and eat on school mornings for breakfast.

Burgundy's tutoring today at 10, and Mark and I need to build the apparatus for Burgundy's science fair project. It's due on January 20 (the project, not the apparatus).

Meanwhile, Houston's enjoying (ha!) a terrible cold snap, and Mark has rigged up some unused, icicle-style Christmas lights to save our gardens. He arranged the main lines of the lights around the inner perimeter of the garden, then pulled the icicles through the plants in the garden. The heat of the lights alone won't provide sufficient heat to save the plants, but when paired with the standard blankets-draped-over-the-garden approach, it's effectively a tiny tendril heater. Nice, isn't it?


  1. Those waffles look amazing. Now I know what I'm making for breakfast tomorrow!!

    What a great idea with the lights and blankets.

  2. I was really thrilled with the waffles and the photography! Usually my close-up pictures are blurry and bad. The waffles were yummy!