Tuesday, January 12, 2010

An Update on the Algebra

Burgundy just finished her semester exam in Pre-AP Algebra II, and advanced, junior-level course. Going by age, Burgundy should be in 8th grade. God willing, she'll be rescheduled for Algebra II enriched within a few days. Her teacher recommended it; the head of the math department agreed. I sent the request to her principal this morning after discussing it with her counselor, and I think she's a good, strong candidate.

The chapter 5 exam went really well, all things considered. To Katie: You are our hero. Thank you so much for all your hard work and all your time. I know how difficult it is to give over so many hours of your life to someone, and I (and I know Burgundy does too) really appreciate all that you've given. Without your help, I really don't think she could have pulled this off.

She made an 82. It pulled her nine week grade up to a 71. That's a D, and we're immensely proud of it. There were many times when Mark, with his math and science degrees, and Katie, with her education background and [math or physics?] degree, looked at the assignments and said, "Whaaa?" Burgundy hung in there, and she earned a D with more work than any A I ever earned in high school. I am proud.

The teacher probably will need a couple of days to grade and post the grades for today's semester exam. With all the work that Burgundy put into preparing for it, I prayed for an 80 or higher.

I'll keep you posted on the outcome.

Oh, and last night I made fish tacos. I baked four small tilapia fillets with a spice rub, chopped up some cabbage, pulled out the salsa and tortillas, and voila! dinner.

Tonight, I'm springing for pizza at a friend's house so Burgundy can test the neighborhood's peripheral vision. Last night she tested everyone at knitting and someone's spouse for good measure. She's up to 25 people tested now. We just might make it.

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