Thursday, January 7, 2010

This is a TEST

Right now, Burgundy is 22 minutes into her Algebra II Chapter 5 exam. She has worked so hard and invested so much time and energy in this class; if she passes this test, she'll bring her nine week grade up to passing. If she doesn't, everything will rest on the semester exam. She has studied frantically for the last four weeks, sometimes for hours a day, and we began to see the payoff in her quiz and homework grades at the end of December.

We prayed together last night for peace and a calm spirit, for confidence and care, and for her mind to call forth the correct equations and formulas for each problem. We did it again this morning, and I told her to pray anytime during the exam. When she felt panic, fear, anything. I'm considering checking her out of school at lunch to come home and rest, but she still has the rest of her classes to prepare for semester exam. So I'll probably leave her there.

And now for something completely different:

Last night I made the most delicious meatballs I've ever made. I used pork sausage and local, pasture-raised ground beef. I modified a recipe from, and I really liked the results. They were flavorful and juicy and just plain wonderful. The recipe made a fair amount, so I froze three meals' worth for future use.

I cooked the ziti and spaghetti sauce that Tabby gave us for Christmas, and it was delicious. The girls scarfed it down without the meatballs, and Mark and I savored every bite with meatballs.

Meanwhile, the blender attachment for my Bosch mixer finally arrived last night, and I made milkshakes for me and the girls.

This is a boring post. I'm really distracted about Burgundy.

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