Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Skillet-Hit Pattinson

It's 7AM, and I should be in the shower. However, I haven't been able to post in a few days, and I really miss it! So I'm going to run a few minute behind schedule (yay flex time!) and update the world. Because I know the whole world waits impatiently for The Saga of the Grohmans. I bet little Atlas has been dancing on one foot with irritation at my absence. Yeah.

Burgundy came home from school the other day, and she didn't notice the poster. So Julia asked if she could have some index cards. Burgundy went into her room and searched all around her desk (with her back to the drippy eyes of Skillet-Hit Pattinson), turning around and around, and she never saw him. Every time she turned to face the poster, she was looking at the ground, the shelves, the dresser . . . everywhere but the wall.

So I said, "Burgundy, could the cards be on your bookshelf?"

To which she replied, "No, I don't ever put them there." And kept looking around on the floor under her desk. I had to pretend to sneeze, turn into the hallway and press my face against the wall to stifle my giggles. Julia kept a much straighter face.

Finally, I said, "Well, why don't you just give it a look?"

So Burgundy heaved the care-laden, world-weary sigh of the 14-year-old American girl who has suffered untold atrocities at the hands of her cruel parents. Vicious injustices like using the vacuum cleaner and vile Crimes of Suggestion such as, "look for it on the bookcase," and she turned around and flounced yes you read that right she flounced to the bed nook. STILL NOT NOTICING THE POSTER.

She inspected a shelf or two, and mid-sentence, just after the long, drawn out, "Mooooom," of Infinite Patience, she let out a horrendous screech, leapt backwards off the bed, landed on her butt, flipped over, crawled out of the room, and curled into the fetal position in the hallway.

Oh boy, does she know how to react, or what?

Now she's plotting where to put the poster next. She's hoping to sneak it into her AP Human Geography class and hang it there.

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