Thursday, January 21, 2010

Juliaisms and Twitter

I admit it; I use twitter. A lot. I basically use it as a pseudoblog, one I can update with a line or two whenever I feel like it.

Meanwhile, I also have an exchange student whose accidental linguistic missteps leave all of us, including herself, in a constant state of giggles. Some of them are just the normal, expected stuff like reversing the order of words. Others are so unintentionally hilarious that I decided to start sending a new juliaism out to my twitter followers every day.

Like cracked out. That was the first one I sent. She'll say, "Oh my God that totally cracked me out that he said that to her." I've explained the difference between being cracked out and being cracked up, and she understands why it's so hilarious to hear, but she still can't remember which is which. So now she'll say, "Oh my God that totally cracked me . . . wait, what is it? Does it crack me out or crack me up?"

So I had to share my Julia joy with the world. She seemed to think it was all very funny; I really hope I can point her back to it in a couple of months and say, "Look! You've got a fan club!"

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